About Rich

My name is Rich Bianco, also known as the DisplacedGuy (DisplacedGuy.com). I am a software developer, husband, father and I enjoy learning new things, messing with microcontrollers, microcontroller programming, computer programming and anything “geeky”. I am a member of the Public Intelligence Blog and subscribe to the idea of Open Source Everything!

Writers Needed – Earn Revenue:

If you want to write articles on any of my blogs, email me– I need more writers and will happily share in adsense revenue, you can take all revenue earned from articles that you’ve written, how does that sound!?

Oh, I am not active on WordPress.com blogs, but this is a good launching point for my real blogs.

http://DisplacedGuy.com – PowerBuilder, WaveMaker, Silverlight, Java and Making Money Online Blog

http://Otown411.com – Information about Orlando, Florida

http://Subotex.com  – Information about Suboxone, Zubsolv, and Tapering From Addictive Medications (Drug Taper Charting Tool)

http://Vyvanse-vs.com – Information about ADHD medications

http://PoliticalShootings.com – Alternative Media, Conspiracy Facts, False Flags

http://x-ref.us – Under construction, but will be a database of computer programming code, snippets, cross-references between programming languages and more! All about sharing, storing, indexing, and finding stuff.

http://hell-p.us – New domain, not being used right now

http://otownpc.com – Domain needs a use

http://warm-turkey.com – Will contain a brand new drug taper planning tool soon! Taper off any addictive drug, with no withdrawal!

http://www.rbianco.com – Needs a use

http://www.originalsoftware.com – My corporation name, not being used

http://wpmgr.com – WordPress Network Manager Program, in development

http://blogmgr.com – Another WordPress management program, in development (anyone want a project?)

As you can see I am very optimistic, ambitious, and over-loaded


What am I excited about

I would love to start working on mesh-networking, I believe it will be the future and it is a way to bypass the corporate cellular network (or use it in a way they do not know about)

I LOVE working on microcontroller stuff, I get bored with just software, like stuff that moves too.

I LOVE working on renewable energy projects, wind, solar, etc.

I LOVE learning new programming languages, but need to find a way to learn them faster, like on the MATRIX





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